America’s Leading Expert on Hard Money Lending Leonard Rosen by Leonard Rosen

November 24th, 2009 Comments Off on America’s Leading Expert on Hard Money Lending Leonard Rosen by Leonard Rosen Posted in General

With the recent upsurge in residential foreclosures nationally, homeowners are finding themselves in a very unusual predicament. Over the last 7, borrowers with less than perfect credit fell into a category called :sub prime borrowers”. This class of borrower was able to obtain a mortgage with little or no documentation.

The lenders were all too anxious to lend money to this class of borrower. More »

Hard Money Vs. Bank Money In Florida

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Hard Money Vs. Bank Money In Florida

Hard Money Vs. Bank Money

Just because banks aren’t lending out money doesn’t mean the money lending trade went bottoms up. Smart investors are always searching for sources to invest their money into for profit. Financial Instiutions… are not necessarily one of these. It’s no wonder they are trying to hang onto their money like a fat kid’s last toffee More »

Hard Money Lenders – Who are They and What Do They Offer?

November 10th, 2009 1 Comment   Posted in General

What is a hard money lender? I have heard the term in internet advertisements and by word of mouth, but was not really sure what they were or how they work. I looked into it a little bit and found that they are actually just private individuals with a little extra money that they make available for investment. They will lend the money they have to real estate investors. The loan is usually short More »

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