Burnsville, MN Hard Money Lenders

August 13th, 2010 Posted in Minnesota Cities

Burnsville, MN hard money lenders have been doing business throughout the state of Minnesota for years. The city is just 10 miles south of Minneapolis’s downtown district, and is a part of the Dakota County. The city of Burnsville has a population of 65,000 people, and a population density of roughly 2,300 people per square mile.

In this state, borrowers have been facing a growing problem. The problem is that the economy’s not turning around nearly as fast as is ideal, and the job market isn’t doing so well. Those factors, along with others, have compounded into a net result in which credit scores are low, and incomes are even lower. This creates a situation in which banks are hostile to borrowers. And so Burnsville, MN hard money lenders are seeing more and more business these days, because unlike the big banks, they don’t rely on the credit score for all of their capitalization services and products.

Instead, the processes involved in Burnsville hard money loans relies on security; more precisely, hard money requires a hard asset, i.e. real estate. So one of the first things thathard money lenders in Burnsville ask about on their applications is whether or not the borrower actually owns any property. The application will also grill the borrower about who owns the property, what sort of property it is, the year any of its buildings were built, etc. Most of the work, in fact, on the lender’s side will revolve around the property, as this is the primary concern for these hard money investors.

2 Responses to “Burnsville, MN Hard Money Lenders”

  1. vue lee Says:

    im looking for hard money to buy properties and fliping

  2. AUSTIN Says:


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