As a Credit Union, we are owned by our members, and our earnings are returned to our members in the form of better interest rates and lower fees for services.

In the summer of 1951 Mr. B.F. Hill, Chief Clerk of the Industrial Commission of Arizona, suggested that a credit union was needed for state employees. Clarene Slade, who worked in the accounting department, worked closely with Hill's office to find support for a credit union. Slade, with the assistance from the Federal Bureau of Credit Unions, completed the necessary work and OneAZ Credit Union was born on October 31, 1951.

The Honorable Rose Mofford, former governor of Arizona, is a founding member of OneAZ Credit Union. Governor Mofford was a key supporter of the formation of the Credit Union and was instrumental in spreading the word with both elected officials and state employees at all levels. Governor Mofford served as a chair of our board which helped shape the course of the Credit Union. Today, OneAZ Credit Union is the largest state-chartered federally insured credit union in Arizona.

We know big banks are everywhere, but at OneAZ Credit Union we think your best choice is to put your trust in an organization that offers personalized service, competitive rates and a community focus.

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Sunny R

Went in today to open an acct & finish a loan process & extremely pleased with the customer service provided to me by Tibor. Kind, patient & very helpful so that I could make this happen. He really worked with me and ensured I had a great experience. Easy 10 Stars.
alex king

Tibor helped both my friend and I, and i will definitely be coming back. The customer service was absolutely amazing!
Brook Evans

Great service. Tibor was very personable and had a great sense of humor.
Carol Hanby

Our daughter opened her first checking account today and Tibor was extremely helpful and courteous. We are new members and so far our experience with OneAZ has been excellent!
Sherry Matthews

Tibor was most excellent, very helpful. Wonderful attitude. Sweet man...