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There are plenty of Tempe hard money lenders because Tempe is a well-known city in the state of Arizona. It is found in the county of Maricopa and it is bordered by Guadalupe, Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, and Scottsdale. It is also important to note that the biggest and oldest campus of the Arizona State University and the headquarters of US Airways Group are located in this city. Other companies found in this city are LifeLock, Limelight Networks, Insight Enterprises, Mobile Mini, Fulton Homes, and First Solar.

Lenders of Tempe hard money are normally private investors and a common complaint is that they charge higher interest rates than banks and other conventional sources of funds. However, they also have their good points, especially for individuals or entrepreneurs with credit scores that have been negatively affected by certain events. Hard money lenders in Tempe are unlike the banks and other traditional lenders because they do not scrutinize credit ratings and the details of a person's private life.

Tempe, AZ hard money lenders do not check business references, income or credit history. That is why they charge higher interest rates because of the higher risks. But for individuals and businesses that are in a hurry to obtain funds and those that have no chance of getting a bank loan, these non-traditional sources of funds are solutions. For companies, commercial hard money lenders can offer financing for the faster acquisition of assets, such as warehouses, office buildings, apartment buildings, strip malls, motels, hotels, and others, maybe an Arizona hard money lender can help you with something?

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Hard Money Lenders in Tempe, AZ