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Although some people are still suffering from bad credit, the Great Recession is well and truly behind us. But there have been some significant changes because of this crisis, one of the biggest ones being that it is now virtually impossible to get approved for any type of mortgage. On commercial properties, which are often multi-million dollar properties, the average person will never be able to get a loan, and even larger organizations will struggle. But, in Fayetteville, Arkansas, the market has started to open up again. And this is thanks to Fayettevilla, AR hard money & private lenders, who have seen an opportunity in the gap left by the traditional lenders.

What Fayettevilla, Arkansas Hard Money & Private Lenders Can Do

There are a number of laws and regulations in place that make it virtually impossible for banks to still provide money. There is the Dodds Frank and the Basel III. The latter means that, since 2015, banks have had to comply with increasingly stringent regulations that have effectively made them tighten up. So much so, in fact, that commercial real estate lending is now virtually nonexistent and that nobody can still qualify for a regular mortgage.

Thankfully, people can turn to a private lender instead, who can provide what is known as "hard money" funds. These loans are also known as bridge loans, because they are short term constructions. They are an alternative to bank lending. A private lender supplies his own money, which means he has far less stringent requirements in place because he doesn't have to comply with either Dodds Frank or Basel III. This doesn't just mean such loans are easier to be accepted for, but it also means that they are funded much more quickly.

A significant downside of Fayetteville, AR hard money loans is that they have very high interest rates. However, considering they have far lower credit and income requirements and can fund in a matter of days, most people don't care overly much about this disadvantage. This is particularly true because the loans are usually short term only. For the commercial real estate market and the residential market alike, private lenders have been able to give investors the opportunity to stay in the market. Some go so far as saying that they have saved the real estate market as a whole. Without them, only the wealthy hedge funds would ever be able to purchase properties again, after all.

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