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In cities across the state of California, there isn't a set of lenders that's doing any more business that the set of Marysville, CA hard money lenders in this Yuba County area. You wouldn't think this to be the case of this relatively rural (relative to other Californian towns) and somewhat sleepy municipality of about thirteen thousand folks. It's a small town, which is technically a part of the Yuba Sutter metro area, but not necessarily "Middle America," in the sense that the place features things like the Bok Kai Temple and other sort of Californian type things.

And yet, when folks think of the place, perhaps the last thing to come to mind is the fact that Marysville, CA hard money lenders are very active there. This might be because Marysville hard money tends to be a financial maneuver only really exercised by either the super wealthy, or the super sophisticated (when it comes to money). But then again, considering how wobbly the economy's been of late, and the fact that lenders of first resort have sort of frozen up all sorts of lending, even to well qualified borrowers, it isn't hard to imagine that hard money lenders in Marysville are doing more business in areas like Marysville than they've ever done in the history of hard lending.

They're doing a particularly good deal of business on the residential side of the industry. They're revamping houses, putting up a lot of capital for the restoration of some properties of note, with residential hard money lenders playing critical roles in restoring a few historical homes.

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