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Even in the best of times, San Jose, CA hard money lenders do well in this relatively economically vibrant part of California. San Jose's right in the heart of what's known as the Silicon Valley. It's home to a good number of Fortune 500 companies, and is the third largest city in California (which is, itself, as a state, the 5th largest economy in the world). It's an incredible place, and San Jose, CA hard money lenders are doing incredible things.

You wouldn't imagine the sorts of folks that are utilizing San Jose hard money arrangements these days. They're all pretty sophisticated folks, financially speaking; this, in a place where it really seems like everybody knows something about stock options, IPOs and the like. (It's funny, a place that's on the complete opposite side of the country to Wall Street.) And yet, there they are, these hard money lenders in San Jose.

They're doing all sorts of business deals. They're helping people get small businesses started; they're helping people get ideas about software and technology (San Jose's bread and butter) get off the ground. And it's sort of a perfect situation for these lenders, because so many people there own real estate. And that's the main point to these loans, is that you have to put up some sort of real estate as collateral in order to make use of the incredible commercial mortgage rates that these lenders have to offer.

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Top Hard Money Lenders in San Jose, CA

Foley Mortgage
Arcus Lending
Facetime Loans
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