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It's hard to imagine that in the relatively wealthy area of the Bay Area, or at least this greater periphery of the Bay Area, Santa Cruz, CA hard money lenders are doing so many business deals. It turns out that the wealthy are rather astute when it comes to finance, and the city of about some sixty five thousand or so residents are all in the know.

Santa Cruz, CA hard money lenders specialize in what are referred to as hard money arrangements. These arrangements, call for a borrower to put up as collateral a piece of real estate. The thing about Santa Cruz hard money is that they're usually deals between private individuals; for the most, these are the nature of the deals: personal, between two personal individuals (in fact, the borrower and lender usually have something of a personal or familial relationship or other sort of social bond). But that isn't to say that hard money lenders in Santa Cruz aren't professional and that these are sort of casual deals.

They're actually pretty legal, thoroughly legal. In fact, if you're getting into one of these deals, it's highly advisable that you retain your own attorney, to make sure that you are guided through the whole process by somebody that's not only independent, but somebody that's hired to have your concerns placed, front and center to everybody involved. In order to get started with one of these deals, you'll want to look up a few of these folks on a California hard money lender list service in your area.

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