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Atlanta, GA hard money lenders are good sources of funds of real estate investors. Atlanta is the most populous city in Georgia and the thirty-third largest city in the US. It is a business and transportation hub and has the country’s fourth largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies. The city has a total area of 343.0 km2.

Having good sources of funds are important in investing in Atlanta. This enables the investor to buy great properties. One source of funding for many real estate investors is hard money lenders in Atlanta. Unlike conventional lending institutions like banks and mortgage companies, Atlanta, GA hard money lenders look at the after repair value of a property for which the loan is being made. The borrower’s property should have high ARV to be assured that your loan application will be approved. When you borrow Atlanta hard money, you property will be appraised, estimating the costs of the property when it is repaired. Hard money loans provide coverage for the cost of repair of the property.

Atlanta, GA hard money lenders are individuals and/or small lending companies with huge amount of money on their hands. As a real estate investor, you must be knowledgeable on how you deal with private lenders to help you make the most of your hard money loan. If you do not know where to find one, ask for referrals from your colleagues since the more seasoned real estate investors have surely worked with them. You can also ask for recommendations from settlement lawyers and title companies since they normally prepare the loan documents for private hard money lenders.

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Hard Money Lenders in Atlanta, GA