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Hard Money Commercial Loans Deliver Fast Options

Businesses that are in urgent need of a loan for commercial purposes have discovered a good source in getting what they need through hard money commercial loans. They serve as a means to getting favorable and much faster results to satisfying financial needs without added stress, headaches, and denials that sometimes come with getting a bank loan. Consulting with hard money commercial lenders and investors who specialize in hard money commercial loans find ways to make deals happen.

The benefit to doing business with commercial hard money lenders is they will look at all applications that fall into the non-conforming category that the banks immediately turn down without your input or your plan for development and growth.

Lenders who review and approve hard money commercial loans welcome your application with open arms. There are many businesses that need funding without having to go through a lot of red tape and the extensive scrutinizing that comes along with it. They have come to appreciate the consideration and approval they are extended.

When dealing with these lenders, you will be working with private companies, private investment firms, and high end, high profile investors. They have the expertise and the knowledge to recognize a good deal when they see one.

There are different reasons to use hard money commercial lenders. They can assist businesses in a variety of industries. Some loan applications are submitted for new ventures, like commercial real estate developments. Many loans are used for major start ups of a corporation who have excellent products and services, and a good financial road map to deliver profits. This is a core part of your presentation that will show lenders you are on the right path of growing a company and will be able to meet the agreed upon loan payments.

Another avenue that hard money commercial lenders may offer is known as a bridge loan. This type of loan can help you short term if you only need capital to continue operating for a designated period of time until you come into your own money. An example would be if you are selling land and you need extra funding to keep the property afloat until it is sold and you realize your profits from the sell.

Some lenders may have a stipulation that involves you selling the property to them and lease it in return until it is sold. Most hard money commercial loans offer smoother transactions and are a good means to accomplish your needed financial request for assistance.

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  • Our client has a commercial fishing vessel located in Calif.
    that he wishes to refinance. He needs $85,000, which is a 25% LTV loan. He is open to leasing or financing. The current balance of the existing loan is less than $12,000.

    I am a broker. Do you have an interest in looking at this transaction?

    Jimmy Patterson

  • Anyone interested in a commercial fishing boat loan with a LTV of 50% roughly as well as real estate collateral.