Hard money lenders are usually individuals who have money to invest and are looking for a healthy return on their investment. These are private hard money lenders who offer different types of loans that are for a short term so credit history is not as important as other considerations. Collateral is more likely their concern or high equity in property. Private hard money lenders are not that hard to find but you will probably need to be ready to agree to points on property, high interest rates and large down payments.

One method to locate money lenders who offer hard money loans is simply to approach these individuals and ask about the possibility of them making you a private money loan. Give them full details about the investment that you want to make and how you will be planning to repay the money that they lend to you. This will in many cases result in an investor making a hard money direct loan to you that they would normally not have considered.

There is a possibility that one of your friends or family members may be in the position to fund your venture. Even though they are not hard money lenders, because of your relationship with them you may want to approach them first. Remember, both you and the lender will make a profit on your venture. Once they understand that you are offering collateral and a generous interest rate they will probably be excited about earning some money on their money.

There are a lot of opportunities to be found online as well. Private money lenders will come up as a match to your search criteria and should have contact information. You can speak with these lenders and share the details of the venture you are considering and the terms of the personal loan that you want. Some sites offer a list of hard money lenders. Another method of finding a lender is to place an ad in your local newspaper explaining that you are in search of a loan and that you will pay it back with generous interest and provide collateral. This is a good way to find investors who are looking to make a quick return on their money. When they hear your terms they may just be willing to offer hard money financing. If you are contacted by a potential lender, give them all the details of your venture and offer collateral plus a high interest rate on their loan to you. This may just end up being exactly the funding you need. Be sure you can easily meet the terms that you discuss and have a professional check your contract before you make a commitment.


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