“private Money” Lender Groupe 369 Corp. Creates A Series Of Educational Borrowing Guidelines For All

“private Money” Lender Groupe 369 Corp. Creates A Series Of Educational Borrowing Guidelines For All

The team at Groupe369.com performs a rigorous review of every loan request. This review protects both the borrower and the the Board of Directors. Land Lines describes some of the real-life situations Groupe 369 Corp. faces in order to professionally serve its clients.

In the course of preparing the paperwork for the project says Kastner, “critical information can sometimes find itself buried deep in a 400 page document – information that can change the entire deal and should be up front before the conditional commitment is signed.”

Stories discuss borrowers’ attempts to “rush the process,” to demand speed in place of the step by step review process outlined in the contract. Groupe 369, has established its loan procedure to protect all parties. For example, a site visit is an integral part of that procedure. The community surrounding the property is inspected as well.

“Land Lines stories reflect Groupe 369 Corp.’s successful deals as well as the pitfalls to be avoided,” Kastner adds. “Our team at Groupe 369 Corp. must understand why a deal makes sense in order to secure funding.
“Tell us what you need. We succeed on your success,” Groupe 369.
You can learn more about Groupe 369 at Groupe369.com or by calling 639.396.6400 About Groupe 369:

Groupe 369 Corp. and its partners is an established portfolio lender for commercial real estate loans offering attractive financing solutions and pricing for unconventional and hard-to-place real estate loans across all 50 states.

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