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Private Money Loans What It Takes To Secure One

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Are you thinking about starting a new business? Lacking the funds or having a bad credit score can impede your ability to start flipping houses or opening up a five-star restaurant. You might consider private money loans. Most people new to developing their own business might not know how to get a private money loan. Read on to learn more about how getting this loan can help make your business dreams possible.

What is a Private Money Loan?

You might wonder: what a private money loan entails? A private money loan is when you borrow money from your family, a friend, or any other acquaintance that rarely lends their money for business purposes. Having a thorough business plan will not get you anywhere without the cash to do it. No matter how great the idea is, you will always need money to get it going. Private loans can be excellent for those who are trying to build their own business but lack the funds to do it.

So, how do you find these investors that aren’t family? You might network to get money from those who can afford it. Spreading the word around that you are seeking monetary assistance can draw in investors who think your business idea can make them money too. Searching social media and Googling “private money lenders” might be something that could pop up some leads for you to follow. There’s always a way to make your business happen and make money for all those financially involved.

Professional Private Lending Businesses

A professional private lending business might be another option. They can lend out these loans to you if you give them a good reason to do so. Using this avenue can be a little more tricky since they won’t have that initial trust in place. This means you might need extra reassurances than going through investors you know more personally. As stated by FortuneBuilders, these businesses or individual investors will need:

  • An outline plan of the expenses on the money they loan you
  • Expected profit
  • The deed of trust
  • Proof of your identity

They won’t automatically trust you. But, being one step ahead of them by having all this before seeking them out can mean the difference between denying you or not. Also, having the confidence and portraying your business in the right light can have them wanting you more. Therefore, try to perfect your angle and show them how your unique idea will work despite all the odds against you. Make sure you have everything in order, so you look professional and organized as possible.  Otherwise, being unprofessional might have you sent home with no lender in sight.

 Benefits of Private Loans

Do you have bad credit? Bank loans or lenders will look at your credit history to ensure you have the experience in paying your bills on time.  As reported by Berkeley Haas, “your credit score is a big part of whether you’re able to borrow money…And maybe more important, the terms of the loan you get depend[s] upon your credit score.” So, having bad credit might make you feel hopeless in building the dream business you’ve always wanted. But, this is where private money loans can benefit you even with a bad credit history.

Your family and friends won’t bother too much with your bad credit history since they trust you. Then, if you get a loan from a professional private lender, they will still give you the loan, especially when you give them an excellent business proposal. They are investing their money into your business venture to get make money off your business. No one will want to buy into your business idea if you don’t have a significant proposal to back up all your ideas.

You also won’t have to wait for approval. Most money lenders or banks will make you wait a while before approval. With a private money loan, you can almost instantly receive the money depending on who you borrow it from.

Drawbacks to Private Money Loans

While private money loans have its advantages, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with some drawbacks. Before you ask a professional or relative for money, you need to prepare for every dead-end or tough situation. Getting a private money loan is possible even when you have bad credit, but there are negative consequences of using this path to start your business.

According to FortuneBuilders, private loans usually have higher interest rates that could have you paying 15% to 20% on interest rates. When you borrow money from a professional investor, those who have bad credit scores or are taking a risk with buying a risky property might get stuck with a high-interest rate. Receiving these private loans can be useful initially, but getting stuck with high-interest rates might be your downfall. You might have to improve your credit score and find another type of loan for your business.

Although, if you borrow money from family or friends, there can be detrimental consequences you might not have thought of. When you borrow money off those close to you, you might think it’s the best alternative than dealing with professional lenders or banks. However, paying them back can be crucial to your overall relationship.

Not paying them back on time or waiting too long can affect your relationship. When you mix money and family, you might become lax in repayment plans. Don’t allow that to happen to you or those you borrow from. Therefore, always pay them back on time so that resentment doesn’t affect how you get along with one another.


Are you serious about making your dream business a reality? Don’t allow your ambitions to fall through at the first sign of hardship. Instead, dig deep and find the courage and motivation to continue searching for private money loans to help finance your business. You won’t regret taking risks when you got a fantastic business idea organized and polished for a professional lender.


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