Hard Money Loans

Using a Hardmoney Lender To Reach Business Goals

There have been many business owners and individuals who have been down on their luck, have poor credit and needed a loan. They fortunately relied on a hardmoney lender to get their application approved. These loan professionals specialize in approving sizeable hard money loans for the disadvantaged after the banks didn’t honor their request. This makes a hardmoney lender attractive to professionals and new entrepreneurs who need working capital or funding.

Lenders have a different approach from the average banks in their loan review process making them a lucrative source for securing loans. Larger loan applications ranging in the upper hundred thousand’s to millions are evaluated. Many loans are approved for 60-65% of the fair market appraisal value of the collateral.

Getting acquainted with the uniqueness of a hardmoney loan and how the process works may help to address your financial needs, dreams, and goals. The qualification guidelines established are fairly lenient. When the loan application is evaluated your credit history in many cases will not weigh the outcome of the decision. The brightness of your future and your proven ability to pay going forward is one of the determining factors for qualifying.

A hardmoney lender is a source for getting large loans for businesses and higher net worth individuals that fall into the non-conforming loan category. Businesses that had rejected loan applications with banks have found success in gaining funds when going this route.

If you can demonstrate in black and white that your financial future or venture is promising, that you can meet the terms of the hardmoney loan, and the proposal makes good business sense, then the likelihood for approval increases.This simple application process is very beneficial to people who have no other means to get the money that they need.

The loans in many cases can be used for business expansion, builders who are launching developments, construction loans, sizeable real estate transactions, and a host of other ventures requiring large loans. A hardmoney loan could be funded by innovative commercial lenders, private companies, or even private investors.

Upon submitting an application, you most likely will receive an acknowledgment to your request within 48 hours. The time frame for closing varies between 14 and 30 days. The ability to fulfill your goals and dreams is possible when using a hardmoney lender who can turn a gloomy situation into a winning one.

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  • I am looking for a hard money lender to assist my buyer (investors) in purchasing and rehabing Florida property to retail sell within 90 days or less of purchasing from bank, please advise.

    Thank you.

  • I’am looking for hard money lenders in my area to help with the financing of rehab properties in my area. I have twenty-seven years of construction experence and am excited about the rehabing business. And am looking forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you,
    William C Farrer

  • I am looking for fully funded loans to purchase, rent then sell about 4 properties in the Fort Myers, Cape Coral area.
    Can you provide or do you know investors that can?

  • Hard money lending for realestate is commom but I’m looking for 5k for my insurance business with ROI of 150% within 45days. If you can help , please response with contact info.

  • I am a trust deed investor and looking for trustworthy hard money brokers in the S. Bay/San Jose area. Could anyone help?

  • Im looking for hard money to assist me with funding to help me with my new business I have of the first months rent, I had the entire amount but things happened and the attorney’s are just about ready to close the deal and Im short, desperately in need of help this might be my last chance. looking for your reply. Debra

  • I’m looking working capital to start commercial real estates in Kenya.
    the government is giving free land for structural development and the demand for housing facilities are very high.