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Burke, VA hard money lenders do business throughout the county of Fairfax, which is a part of the state of Virginia. Burke is a city with a population of about 65,000 people, and a population density of roughly 5,500 people per square mile. The city encompasses an area of of 12 square miles, and is situated in the central area of the state.

Burke, VA hard money lenders are able to do for borrowers in this state, what many big banks can't, and that's provide Burke hard money products and services. These are good things for the borrower, especially the borrower with a low credit score. The reason that this is, is because hard money is the sort of debt that doesn't rely on the borrower's credit score to determine whether or not the borrower will be approved for a loan. In fact, many hard money lenders in Burke don't really even ask about the borrower's credit.

What they will dwell on, though, is whether or not the borrower owns real estate. See, a borrower will be required to secure the debt, and the only form of collateral that is acceptable, that will be deemed qualified by the lender, is a hard asset, i.e. real estate. The real estate that's put up as collateral will determine the size of the loan that the lender will be able to extend to the borrower. Without real estate, a private money lender absolutely will not be able to proceed or move forward with a borrower.

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