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It's the sort of condition and situation that El Centro, CA hard money lenders have been waiting on, and they were ready to pounce. Of the over fifty thousand folks that call El Centro home, there are a good chunk of borrowers there that are steaming hot mad about how the big banks have ran things for the past decade. There's been the general consensus that borrowers were being left out in the cold for many poor decisions made by bankers that reside at the very top of some of these very large banking institutions. The city stands for the "Center" (which is what that literal translation is), and it's fitting because the place seems to be the center of Imperial County.

El Centro, CA hard money lenders and borrowers are getting together in El Centro and doing incredible deals together. There isn't the sort of condescending relationship between lender and borrower in these situations with hard lenders. What you'll find, if you're interested in getting into one of these deals is that the folks behind El Centro hard money arrangements really do consider themselves a part of the community first and foremost. Often times, what you'll find is that these hard money lenders in El Centro have "day jobs" so to speak; they're doctors in the community; they're lawyers; they're teachers as well; some fill other sort of socially substantive vocational roles in the community.

They're there to do business, to do a deal, but they're also there to make sure that their California hard money is put to good use.

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