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So Southern California has been sort of the epicenter for all of these troubles in the real estate market, where a number of Long Beach, CA hard money lenders are based and operate. Southern California was just ripe for this sort of bubble, where the industry sets are much different than those in Northern California (or Norcal) and where populations and markets were just right to make this sort of thing a perfect storm. It's a city that's a part of the Los Angeles County and metro, and is one of the biggest cities in the United States, by population. The city's population is at about five hundred thousand or so.

And so with those demographics, what we're finding is that Long Beach, CA hard money lenders are able to do incredible deals and business. Now, we're not talking necessarily skyrocket, to the moon revenue numbers. In fact, we're not even talking full blown corporations. At most, Long Beach hard money outfits tend to be these very small, independent, grass roots level sort of firms that really consider themselves a part of the community first, as oppose to being in a market that's ripe for the conquering.

This is stark change and contrast to what the mainstream borrower is used to with the bigger banks, and the bigger, well branded lenders (such as those that lend completely over the web). What borrowers enjoy most about working with hard money lenders in Long Beach is that the private hard money lenders aren't pushy.

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