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Standard Management Co


As a group of real estate professionals who have in excess of 250 years of combined real estate industry experience, Standard Management Company (“Standard”) has the knowledge and experience to make good judgments and to provide expert advice with regard to real estate investments. Our track record of making strong investment decisions for almost five decades has created wealth for our investors and continues to benefit our clients today.

Standard Management Company (SMC) is a private real estate investment and management firm founded in 1961 by Samuel K. Freshman.

Over the past 50 years SMC has acquired and managed over 6,000 apartment units and five million square feet of office, retail, mixed-use and industrial space valued at over $2 billion, across 12 states and 25 cities throughout the U.S.

SMC’s investment partners have included, Northwestern Mutual, Kemper Insurance, Prudential, as well as, multiple high net worth, private equity and family office investors of both domestic and foreign sources.

Today, SMC’s current investment portfolio encompasses more than 3,200 multi-family units, 1 million square feet of retail/office and industrial space and land for future development.

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4 reviews
Tony Kuper

Terrific group of Real Estate Professionals.
Gillian Campbell

excellent staff run by an excellent CEO
Be Jacobs

Waste of time. Approval takes 3 days always! Over promise and under deliver. Squeaky clean driving record and criminal record to get accepted. Innacurate screen company in another country! Do not apply unless you have 3 days to wait and are a perfect citizen. No exceptions and will not work with you. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME. Corperate is incapable of making a judgement call without a 3rd party company from another country.
Brandon Sharpe

Poor experience. Company is inadequate with decision making. All decisions are made from a 3rd party in another country. Over promise and under deliver. No reputable. Next step is BBB.