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For years and years, what has happened in this Napa County seat, is that Napa CA hard money lenders have financed and capitalized a huge chunk of the private lending demands and needs. They've played a pivotal role, especially as land and real estate property values have shot up over the past decade. The city's population of about 85,000 have been largely thankful for these contributions, and you'd be hard pressed to find a citizen there that can find any significant problems with Napa CA hard money lenders doing business in the area.

Here's the deal: with Napa hard money, what borrowers are going to need is real estate. But with the economy the way it is, the way it's been for years now, and with some properties being underwater, you'll find that hard lenders are having to vary their policies a bit. In the past, hard money lenders in Napa were a bit strict on the fact that 100% equity was to be required about any sort of extending of credit or any sort of capitalization.

And then private lenders got into the mix, and the standards of practice sort of evolved. Private lenders were able to be more nimble, were able to react and respond to the changing needs and behaviors of the market, in order to find a way to service the several changing things about the borrowing public. To the public, they couldn't find a better solution. The reason for this is that private money loans don't require credit checks, most of the time.

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