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The reason why Oroville, CA hard money lenders are doing such incredible loads of business this year, is that the big banks are sort of shooting themselves in the foot about every hot button issue that comes their way (like a particular foreign owned oil refiner in the Gulf Coast area). Now, this city is sort of not the first place to come to mind when you think of financial sophistication, but with a population that's growing in the double digits these years, lenders from all over are really flocking to this small town of just about 15,000.

Oroville, CA hard money lenders have found a niche in finance as well, a niche in which bigger banks really just can't compete. They've found that with regards to borrowers, they can really come up with a lot more appropriate solutions than the bigger banks can, by working with these borrowers from the ground up. These Oroville hard money operations are able to take a borrower to the table, and discuss what the ultimate aims are. This occurrence and experience with hard money lenders in Oroville just isn't possible with the bigger banks.

And this is what borrowers keep going back to private lenders especially, over and over again. See, with private hard money lenders, what borrowers are finding is that these folks are actually concerned with the net effects on their community. This is opposed to what the big banks are after, which are purely the profits; this is an attitude that a private money lender will never have.

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