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It's so interesting to see Oxnard, CA hard money lenders innovating and getting creative in ways that you just couldn't imagine even 5 years ago. We're finding that this city, one of the largest in the United States, with well over two hundred and five some odd thousand folks, is reaping the benefits from these more transparent and creative financial solutions.

With Oxnard, CA hard money lenders, what borrowers get is a more honest experience. Most of the hard money lenders in Oxnard in this Ventura County area are actually private individuals that have the financial wherewithal to carry loans, and underwrite a number of capitalization needs. And since these are private individuals, the process that takes place between the lender and the borrower is a very personal one. It's a process that is very much a discussion amongst two people, as opposed to a company's representative, in a big box office, and a client number or account number.

That's the true difference with Oxnard hard money, is that it's personal. Lenders will always ask about what you have planned down the line, outside these capitalization requirements, outside of these projects and purposes that you need to get funded. They'll go over the piece of real estate with you, and take their time to get you a good explanation about all of the processes that the lender has in place. You won't get this quality of service at a big box bank. This is why so many Californians are thinking of private money lending first, whenever financing a project is concerned.

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