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You never really can tell what Petaluma, CA hard money lenders are going to think of next. It\\'s weird because, hard money generally is something that the more sophisticated investor and financier thinks of when they want to capitalize a project. It\\'s not really the first thing that comes to mind when somebody mentions Petaluma. Petaluma\\'s this place in wine country, near Napa, in the Sonoma County. It\\'s grown over the years, but it\\'s definitely not a sort Wall Street type haven. That\\'s more Napa\\'s bit. With this city though, what you\\'ll get amongst this 75,000 folks there, is a sophisticated bunch, relatively better educated than, say, other cities in California.

Petaluma, CA hard money lenders tend to focus on very niche products in the Petaluma hard money space. For instance, you\\'ll find that hard money lenders in Petaluma don\\'t necessarily want to get into mortgaging, that they don\\'t really want to get into credit card products. They\\'re community people; they\\'re interested in Petaluma, so if you have an idea for something that you need to get financed, you ought to bring the sales angle of: how can this loan benefit the city, and what will the overall affects be on the city.

See, even with the most traditional lenders, you\\'ll get some interest in these more contextual matters of lending. But in the end, big bank lenders only care about one thing: private mortgage loans.

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