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Sacramento, CA hard money lenders have been serving this capital city for years and years. It's one of the most populous cities in the country, and is considered a world class area. The greater metro has a population of over 2 million residents. While the city proper has a population of about 500,000.

On many occasions, you'll find that borrowers prefer to work with Sacramento, CA hard money lenders when traditional borrowers, the sort that do their lending out of those bigger banking institutions. The reason for this, the primary reason is that borrowers tend to feel more comfortable with the terms that are offered by lenders of this sort. And this is the reason why. The reason is that what you get with Sacramento hard money, what you get with these hard money lenders in Sacramento is a person that you get to do business with that considers themselves, first and foremost, a member of the Sacramento community first, a lender second. What's meant by this is that these folks, these lenders have a vested interest in exactly what it is they're financing. Of course, this is completely almost even contrary to what the conventional lender is used to having in mind.

With a conventional lender, what you'll get is a banker that is purely concerned with the number: what's your credit score, what assets do you have, and if you don't fit the bill, let's not even talk. That's not what you get with a hard lender that's offering a commercial construction loan.

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Top Hard Money Lenders in Sacramento, CA

Carlile Realty & Lending
Catalyst Mortgage
Blackburne & Sons Realty
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