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And somehow, what you're finding now with these smaller more independent lenders, primarily Ventura, CA hard money lenders, is that they're doing a ton of business, doing a ton of marketing to back that business, and forging more permanent relationships with clients, where in the past, these relationships might have been relatively temporary. Lenders of this sort have been operating out of this Central Californian city for years, pretty much since the town's inception. They've operated out of the San Joaquin Valley for generations in fact, financing everything from small businesses to public works. The city's only about one hundred and thirty thousand strong, while the metro area has had a consensus of about four hundred and thirty five thousand folks living in this relatively sleepy space of California.

But what you'd find is that these Ventura, CA hard money lenders, they're finding ways of accommodating folks that are being turned away from the traditional bigger banks. When they can't get approved for loans there, these more independent lenders, with their Ventura hard money solutions, step in.

These hard money lenders in Ventura step in and they appear to be better equipped to service loan and capital demands at the local level. It's looking like more and more of these bigger banks are left out of the loop, as clients and borrowers take their deposits to local credit unions, and opt to do business with these lenders. And what they're finding, what these borrowers are finding is that these hard money business loans are way more appropriate.

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