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Rather expectantly, Colorado Hard Money Lenders are seeing their businesses flourishing these days. Borrowers are flocking to these independent lending firms in droves, because the traditional banks are still refusing to lend to well qualified clients and customers. And the traditional big box banks have every reason to resume lending. [ad#ad-top]The sort of borrower activities that led to most of the first wave of defaults and foreclosures have largely filtered through and ran its’ course through the financial systems of the world, yet big box lenders refuse to ease restrictions on capitalization. Despite the extremely low interest rates that have been reinstated, time and time again over the years, despite all that cheap money, big boxes continue to penalize the folks that have served their businesses well. And so, borrowers are growing disenfranchised with the big box bank, and Colorado Hard Money Lenders are happy to see that business come their way.

These smaller independent bankers and lenders have seen nominal increases and growth rates in their businesses, over the past century. These firms seem to have their historical footings in the Great Depression, when this sort of hard lending was heavily utilized, at a time when credit was otherwise nonexistent, and capital was closely guarded—to even a paranoid state. Unemployment was high, debts were high, defaults and foreclosures were also high. So these ended up being loans that only the middle class and the upper middle class, who actually had assets to collateralize the hard loan arrangement with .

For years, Colorado Hard Money Lenders have sort of suffered at the hands of the looming hands of the big box banks that reigned over the financial world with iron fists. These big box banks (like “big box behavior” in other industries and markets, such as the retail discount markets for consumer goods, or even music and books) have worked to crowd out these smaller independent Colorado hard money lenders for years.

And now that these smaller, independent boutique hard money lenders in Colorado have borrowers at their branches again, they’re doing things to see that these borrowers remain customers with them. They’re offering really competitive rates; they’re pitching more appropriate terms and conditions than those that are usually found in traditional big box bank mortgages and loans; and they’re allowing the borrower to take the lead in their hard money funding arrangements, giving borrowers for the first time a sense of empowerment.

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