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Boulder, CO hard money lenders operate out of the city of Boulder, which is the county seat of its county of the same name. The city was incorporated in the late 1800s, and has a population of about 100,000 people, which translates over to a population density of roughly 3,900 people per square mile. The metro area of Boulder has a population of 300,000 people.

Boulder, CO hard money lenders lend Boulder hard money to borrowers with very poor credit histories. They're able to do this, not because they don't care about the borrower's financial situation, but because of the requirements of the process. See, hard money lenders in Boulder are going to need the borrower to secure the loan, before the lender's ever even going to be able to present an offer to do business. The security "deposit" (you can think of it as such) has to come first, because it will be used as an out, as exit in case the lender should find himself in a situation where the borrower's defaulting, and he has no other recourse other than the options that are tied to the real estate (security).

And another thing: you won't see a lender issuing as much value as you'd expect from a traditional debt product about this real estate that's put up. The so called loan to value ratio is sort of low, and you could expect something in the neighborhood of 50% to maybe 60% on the high end in the way of the size of these residential hard money loans.

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