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In the county and city of Denver in Colorado, Denver, CO hard money lenders lend to borrowers that call this largest city in the state (by population) home. The city's located in the geographical heart (center) of the state, and has a population of over 650,000 people, which gives the density of the place a factor of 4,000 people per square mile (in the city itself).

Borrowers in and around Denver have been struggling. Over the years, they've seen their credit scores drop precipitously and now, they're in a situation where they can't get approved for any sort of funding or financing whatsoever. They try to take out loans with their traditional banks, and no dice. So, Denver, CO hard money lenders have stepped into this situation, and are able to lend what are referred to as Denver hard money loans to borrowers with really bad credit situations. How they're able to do this is really similar to the way secured credit cards work in that hard money lenders in Denver require their borrowers to secure their loans before they even pitch the borrower an offer.

What will happen is that the borrower will put the real estate (step 1). Then the lender will appraise that real estate to determine what's referred to in the field as a quick sale value. The quick sale value will serve as the basis for which the size of the loan will be determined by the lender. In turn (step 3), the lender will pitch the borrower an offer. Colorado hard money lenders will typically lend about 50% of the quick sale value to the borrower.

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Forrest Financial Group
Forrest Financial Group
Montegra Capital Resources, LTD
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