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Edwards, CO hard money lenders operate out of the county of Eagle in the state of Colorado. The city is the principal town in the Edwards Metro Area, and has a population of about 9,000 people. This gives Edwards a population density of less than 225 people per square mile.

Edwards, CO hard money lenders in the state of Colorado are able to do one thing, and one thing only, and that's to provide to borrowers of distressed financials Edwards hard money products and services. Now, hard money lenders in Edwards are able to service the borrowing demands and needs of borrowers with distressed financials, only because they don't weigh or consider as much the credit score of the person needing the loan. So a borrower can walk into a hard lenders office and apply for a loan, and as long as the borrower has real estate, will get approved for some sort of financing, one way or another.

Here's the deal: the real estate will be evaluated first. It will be appraised by the lender, and will be assessed what's referred to as a quick sale price. This price will be the basis for which the loan will be sized. If the quick sale value of the property is $65,000, it wouldn't be unreasonable to assume that the market value of the property is somewhere above $100,000. A quick sale price is a price point in which the lender can immediately "get rid" of the property, in the event that a residential hard money borrower defaults.

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