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Fort Collins, CO hard money lenders operate out of the county of Larimer, and is the seat of this county, which means that most of the county's administrative functions take place here. Fort Collins has a population of about 140,000 people, and a population density of roughly 2,600 people per square mile.

Fort Collins, CO hard money lenders in the state of Colorado, are able to lend to borrowers that have very checkered affairs, to say the least. These lenders are able to provide loans in the way of Fort Collins hard money. How this works is relatively simple. Most folks know what a secured credit card is, and it's similar to what hard lenders do. A secured credit card sort of dismisses the fact that their new borrowers have horrible credit records. And they're able to do this because of the fact that the line of credit is to be secured up front (as opposed to having to rely on statistical risks, there's a clear out for the lender).

And hard money lenders in Fort Collins sort of work the same way. They require that the borrower secures the loan up front, but there are a few tweaks to this. First is the fact that the lender will really only accept real estate. This is the crux of the hard money loan: hard assets. The real estate is put up first, before the lender even presents an offer of what he can do in terms of commercial hard money loans.

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