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Connecticut Hard Money Lenders tend to catch a lot of unwarranted, unjustifiable slack. And there are understandable causes for this. These Connecticut Hard Money Lenders tend to garner the most attention during problematic economic times (to put it mildly). Often, folks in the market seek the help of these lenders only after their traditional banks have turned them down for credit, or turned them away due to new more stringent restrictions on lending.

A discussion about why their traditional lenders may do this might be required. In many cases, banks are large conglomerates. And amongst wide and large organizations such as this, what’s important to realize is that losses in one area of the economy are often offset by activities in another. And when something traumatic occurs, top managers may opt to set across the board mandates instead of dealing with individual situations separately. So in a recession, a traditional bank’s managers and leaders may institute harsher restrictions on lending across the board, turning away even qualified clients in healthier areas of an economy.

This has done a few things that play into the hands of Connecticut Hard Money Lenders and other sort of nontraditional banking and financial services firms. For one, the individual and household customers in the market are fast becoming a bit disenfranchised with traditional banking conglomerates. In 2009, a very popular political blog that’s named after an actual person issued a mandate of sorts to its readership: leave the traditional banks; sign up and deposit your capital with local, independent financial firms. This boded quite well for these hard money firms. Because as customers flocked to these firms during the latest economic slump, as the recovery occurred, these customers ended up staying; attrition’s substantially subsided.

And there’s more going on than mere disenfranchisement with the traditional big box banks; it turns out, customers are finding Connecticut hard money solutions to be quite appropriate to many borrowing situations. Some situations just aren’t applicable or suitable to the mortgage type arrangement and solution, which is what hard money lenders in Connecticut are anecdotally reporting. In many cases, customers find these financial solutions and arrangements more amiable to more “in between” sort of financing (not quite a personal loan, not quite a full on mortgage). And to sweeten the deal in order to entice folks that are on the fence about returning to their traditional lenders, some firms are pitching very competitive rates on private money loans.

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