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Since 2005, McGuire Lending Group has been a mortgage lender serving the lending needs of home owners and home buyers in Illinois and Florida. Our hands on approach helps each of our clients understand the mortgage process while feeling like we are right by their side each step of the way.

Now more than ever it is important to have an experienced mortgage team helping you through the home loan process. You can trust our team to be responsive to your needs and offer you the right loan, at the right price. We get the job done well, and with personal attentive, knowledgeable care...treating each customer like they are our only client. This is one of the reasons McGuire Lending Group is strongly endorsed so often by customers and community leaders.

Mortgage loan programs are constantly changing and evolving to reflect current market conditions. The mortgage lenders at McGuire Lending Group will be able to help you determine which program best suits you. Here is a list of our most common purchase loan programs.

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3 reviews
Laura Cuthbertson

Working with Mid American Mortgage (and Roger McGuire) has been a great experience! They communicate every step of the way so you are never guessing, which is really reassuring. They assessed my current mortgage for free to see whether or not I would benefit from refinancing as well as how soon I\'d pass the \"break even\" point of a refi. After 8 months time, we broke even and now save $300 per month! Amazing!
Scott Dalheim

Roger and staff went at a pace that made me feel comfortable and went above and beyond to answer questions and explain everything in a way that I understand. From beginning to end the customer service was top notch. I never had a doubt that I was getting the best from them. I highly recommend working with Mid America Mortgage.
Dan Bryant

Roger\'s a client of mine. Let me summarize what other people say about him: \"He is extraordinarily polite, courteous and best of all, knowledgeable! I would highly recommend Roger for your financing needs! Excellent service! His attitude, attentiveness and genuine concern for my success were unmatched and because of that, I will never deal with anyone other than Roger. He made my refi a breeze. He went beyond the call of duty.\" He\'s been helping families with mortgages for years and he\'s seen it all so I know he can help you! So, if you want a local lender with competitive rates AND you want your loan to close on time then read the other great reviews he has and give him a call.