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Granite City, IL hard money lenders operate out of the county of Madison, which is in the state of Illinois. The county and city are a part of the Greater St Louis Metro Area, and the city itself, Granite City, has a population of about 33,000 people, with a population density of roughly 1,900 people per square mile.

Granite City, IL hard money lenders do a very important thing for the state; they provide Granite City hard money to borrowers of distressed financial situations. In this economy, in this recession, it's not uncommon to find that a borrower's seen his credit score drop considerably over the past few years. This is a culmination of a number of negative economic events, and has put borrowers in a situation in which they find it very difficult to find a bank that will lend to them. So this is hard money lenders in Granite City do: they lend to borrowers with poor credit scores.

But how do they do this? The way they get this done is similar to the way secured credit card companies approve credit lines for their borrowers; they require the borrower to secure the line of credit upfront. That's similar to what happens with these hard lenders. These hard lenders will require that a borrower put up real estate as collateral, in order to secure the capital that's slated to be issued to them. Without that, a hard lender will not be able to move forward. In fact, it's what private money lenders base the size of the loan on.

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