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We hope you'll give us the opportunity to finance your new Illinois home purchase or to refinance your existing loan. Our reputation is extremely important to us and we promise your experience with The Mortgage Marketplace will be a pleasant one. The interest rate and fees will always be upfront and there will never be any unexpected changes or surprises at closing.

We offer true no-cost loans. This means that if we quote you a no-cost loan, then there will be absolutely no closing costs - which include lender fees, title fees and appraisal fees. But there are so many combinations of rates and fees, so if you decide you'd rather pay some of the closing costs or even want to pay discount points to get a lower rate, we'll let you know your options for that as well.

At The Mortgage Marketplace, every loan and borrower becomes a top priority so we'll get your loan closed fast. With 24-48 hour loan approvals you will always be kept up to date on the status of your loan and with the discount pricing we get from our lenders, we'll always pass on those savings to you, the consumer!

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2 reviews
James Feight

As CFO of an electrical company I know banks and lending. When shopping for my personal mortgage I met Richard after burning through four other hacks. Richard never tried to talk me out of the way I wanted to structure my mortgage. He just made it happen. Not only did he beat the others by .5 percent, at 18 days to closing, he dropped the rate by .125. Of course he sold me on this possibility at the beginning of our interactions and followed through. Thank You Richard. You are a Master at your trade.
Nadia Beckman

Richard is really wonderful to work with! He is fast, reliable, and professional. I highly recommend him!