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Eugene, OR hard money lenders have been operating out of Eugene for years. Eugene has a population of roughly 165,000 people, and a population density of roughly 3,900 people per square mile. Eugene is one of the largest cities in the state by population and was founded in the late 1840s.

Eugene, OR hard money lenders have their hands full these days. They're in the business of getting borrowers with really low credit scores approved for loans. And with that, they're able to do a good deal of business. The issue for some borrowers is that Eugene hard money requires that the borrower own real estate of some sort.

Most people in Oregon do these days, thanks to the rise in the real estate market some years ago. The fall in the real estate market, recently, though, has placed some of these assets firmly under water. But what hard money lenders in Eugene want to remind folks of is the fact that you can be under water with your property, as long as you own that property, and you haven't yet sold it, you'll qualify and get approved for a loan. These loans are usually taken out, in order to bridge the borrower from point A to point B, to get them through a rough patch, temporarily. The property will be used as collateral to the loan, and will be put by the borrower as security the loan. Borrowers in these commercial hard money loans must realize that.

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