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Portland, OR hard money lenders have been in business in the Portland Metro Area for years. Portland has a city wide population of over 600,000 people, and a population density of roughly 4,300 people per square mile. Portland has a foot in the Multnomah, Washington, and Clackamas Counties.

Many home owners in this state, for a variety of reasons, are facing foreclosure. For these folks, a last ditch effort to get bridge financing, to get from point A to point B, is necessary to get to a point that's more financially stable. To this end, there are Portland, OR hard money lenders. These lenders focus on approving loans for borrowers that are coming from distressed financial aspects. They're able to approve these borrowers for financing and other debt arrangements, through a class of debt products that are called Portland hard money. With these debt arrangements, lenders are able to take the property of the borrower and arrange a debt such that all that's really required for the loan is for the borrower to put up the property as security to the loan; put another way: the most important qualifying criteria will be for the borrower to be able to put up as collateral to the loan arrangement, some sort of real estate. Hard money lenders in Portland refer to real estate as a hard asset. From the hard asset, the loan's terms will be derived, as well as the size of the loan, as well as the commercial loan rates.

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