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Many Washington Hard Money Lenders are seeing their firms do a good deal more business these days. It might be the struggling economy, struggling to recover from the worst recession seen around the world, in decades. There are other reasons that these smaller, more independent, grass roots level firms are seeing more business. [ad#ad-top]Another is that traditional big box banks, the sort that are headquartered on Wall Street or are closely aligned with the place and culture, are turning away well qualified borrowers for zero valid reasons, other than the fact that they’re attempting to minimize their own risks in an environment in which defaults and foreclosures are continuing at a record pace, a pace not really seen since the Depression. When banks turn away well qualified borrowers, these borrowers don’t just go home and forget about their capitalization needs; they find their capital elsewhere. And that’s where and when Washington Hard Money Lenders come into play.

Washington Hard Money Lenders offer other very viable and nimble financial solutions that are actually more appropriate than the standard bank loan in many situations. Many see these services as an “alternative” or some sort of subculture of a financial service and context. But this is hardly the case. Various forms and variants of this leverage is used in financial derivatives trading all the time, and is very viable and nimble as a financial maneuver. The Washington hard money arrangement really just requires a qualified piece of real estate, without which the hard money lenders in Washington will not be able to fund the borrower’s project or situation. The largest draw to this loan arrangement is that it’s cut and dry, and its periodicity is short to medium term. Many borrowers don’t like the idea of holding onto debt for years and years, not to mention not beginning to pay down the principal until the latter 6th, 7th leg or term of the loan arrangement, as is the case with many home mortgages.

These smaller independent lenders vary a good deal as well. Some are merely private individuals that act as sort of angel lenders to hard struck, unlucky close acquaintances or friends. While others are well established firms that have been in the financial services and products businesses for years and years. These lenders, often, have been working with the same individuals for some time, and have developed personal rapport with many in the community, and know the community’s hard money commercial loans needs very well.

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