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The economy’s rattled many sectors, but Pennsylvania Hard Money Lenders are faring a bit better than the big box banking conglomerates. One of the reasons for this better fortune is the fact that many of the bigger banks are actually turning away their customers, customers looking for credit, looking to capitalize small businesses, and seeking ways to leverage their assets in order to take advantage of weakened competitors (weakened because of the aforementioned down economy). [ad#ad-top]The big banks aren’t liking having to turn away customers’ requests for credit and capital, but they don’t really have much of a choice. For years, they’ve capitalized borrowers in a sort of reckless way, and all of that over extending is finally coming home to roost.

Enter Pennsylvania Hard Money Lenders. These small, independent firms are taking borrowers away from the bigger banks, as they turn customer after customer away. Top managers are doing the right thing, from their vantage; they’re attempting to stem the financial hemorrhaging, a result of rapidly increasing trends about their defaults on loans and their bank’s growing number of foreclosures on the books. This isn’t a good sign for the international banks, especially now that financial reform poises to only make matters more complicated for the big box financial conglomerates.

But Pennsylvania Hard Money Lenders are sort of relieved. They’ve been looking for just the right opportunity to show the market just what sort of performance they can expect out of Pennsylvania hard money arrangements, agreements and instruments. Many independent hard money lenders in Pennsylvania are relishing the opportunity to pitch to borrowers the sort of terms that borrowers didn’t realize were possible. These lenders are also hoping to retain these borrowers for an extended period, not just during this economic slump.

So it isn’t unreasonable or even unexpected to find hard money lenders evolving, from sort of these mom and pop lenders, into full-fledged boutique financial services and products firms. What’s happening is these small lenders are finding little niches to serve. See, they were born at the grass roots level. Their branches didn’t come about from some top down mandate from a chief executive, ordering his lieutenants to “Expand, expand, expand!” No, these little lenders have been around for a while, and they’ve been independent the whole time through; so you’re not going to get the sort of behavior that the bigger banks have exhibited for their customers lately. Instead, with a hard money investor, what you’ll usually get is a very personal experience.

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