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Austin, TX hard money lenders have been serving this seat city of Travis county for generations and generations, and it’s no wonder that almost every facet of this fourth largest city in Texas hasn’t been touched in some way, or contributed to by Austin, TX hard money lenders. In fact, these lenders have played a role in some of the most important (culturally and historically) churches, schools, and even businesses of the past one hundred years.

But just now, the successes of Austin hard money are starting to become well known. Many hard money lenders in Austin in the area are putting out an all out offense in the way of marketing their products and services. Many lenders are plain old mad about the way the bigger banks have treated the borrowers that are stumbling in through their doors, wounded and bruised from the treatment and rejections of the bigger banks. See, many of these bigger well branded, well marketed banks have turned away some very important clients, some very qualified clients: for apparently, no real good reason. And the result? Wide spread disenfranchisement with the bigger banks.

As more and more Texans are taking their business elsewhere, what we’re finding is that hard money lenders, institutions and facilities are experiencing less attrition about borrowers; in other words, whereas in the past, what was common was that borrowers came to them, only for the time that the bigger banks wouldn’t service their borrowing demands. But nowadays, even as the bigger banks ease restrictions on lending, you’re finding that Texas hard money lending is something borrowers want to stick with.