In the state of Virginia, Bailey’s Crossroads, VA hard money lenders have been doing business for years. Bailey’s Crossroads is actually an unincorporated community, and is a part of the Fairfax County in Virginia. (It is not actually a city.) The community has a population of roughly 25,000 people, and given its area of 2 square miles, has a population density of over 11,300 people per square mile.

In this state, we’re finding that there’s a growing class of borrowers that for whatever reason, whether that be personal economics or macro economics, median credit scores are going down. And so what this translates over into is a situation where more and more borrowers are getting denied for loan requests through traditional banking avenues. This is where these Bailey’s Crossroads, VA hard money lenders come into play. These lenders focus on services and products that are commonly referred to as Bailey’s Crossroads hard money.

These sorts of financial services and products don’t rely on credit scores as much as traditional bank loans do. So in order for any the hard money lenders in Bailey’s Crossroads to figure out whether they’d approve or reject a loan application, isn’t based on creditworthiness. What it is based on, instead, is real estate, or what’s rather referred to as a hard asset. A hard asset is the key to these loans. If you own real estate, then you can approved by one of these lenders. The only issue is, is whether you’ll get approved for the amount that you need commercial funding for.