In this Medina County City, you might assume that borrowers aren’t very well first about what it is exactly that Brunswick, OH hard money lenders do, but you’d assume wrong. They’re really actually quite sophisticated when it comes to finance here, in this city of about 42,000. Brunswick, OH hard money lenders have been servicing the demands of borrowers here pretty much since the city’s founding.

Brunswick hard money is popular amongst the borrowing segment of the Brunswick population mainly because borrowers, in these deals, aren’t necessarily subjected to credit checks. They’re subjected to a different sort of checks, which is a good alternative to those that feel their credit scores are sub par. For instance, there are hard money lenders in Brunswick that really only care about the real estate that’s required of hard money to be put up as collateral.

So this is the key thing: the real estate, and if you’re looking to get into one of these hard money deals, although you won’t need an 800 credit score, you will need to have a title or deed to speak of, for real estate that can be put up to be qualified as an acceptable hard asset for the lender to use to back the loan. You can think of these loans as being sort of something like secured credit cards, where debt isn’t issued to you, and where credit scores don’t matter, for as long as you back the commercial hard money loans with some sort of hard asset.