Cedar Mill, OR hard money lenders have been in business throughout the state of Oregon for years and years. Cedar Mill has a population of roughly 13,000 people, and a population density of roughly 3,500 people per square mile. Cedar Mill is a part of the county of Washington.

More and more, borrowers are having a difficult time finding a lender that will approve them for a loan. For these borrowers, there are options. There are Cedar Mill, OR hard money lenders, for instance. These lenders are in the business of finding loans that borrowers of any class can get approved for. These borrowers can have rock bottom credit scores, and be facing foreclosure (for all the lender cares) and will still not only qualify for one of these Cedar Mill hard money loans, but will also get approved. The trick to these loans, if you can call it that, is real estate, or what these hard money lenders in Cedar Mill call hard assets. If you have a hard asset, you’ll be able to qualify and get approved for a hard money loan.

The lender will require that you list any property that you own on your application form. Then the lender will run a number of valuations on this property, assessing what’s called the quick sale price of the loan, in order to come up with suitable terms of the debt for the borrower. These hard money loan lenders absolutely will not waive this requirement on real estate.