Centerville, OH hard money lenders have been operating out of this Montgomery County of Ohio for years, in fact, pretty much since Centerville’s founding over 200 years ago. With that amount of history, you’d better believe that finances are in order, and they are. It’s a modest town of about 25,000 to 30,000 folks, and is home to a number of bases of historical significance. Historians and archaeologists study here, and Centerville, OH hard money lenders do a good deal of business here as well.

Centerville hard money is a way for Ohioans in Centerville to procure funding from a lender without having to go through the grilling processes involved in credit checks. You can sort of think of these hard money lenders in Centerville as card issuers. Issuers of secured debt.

You see these secured debt ads on the web all the time. They’re advertised to folks that have really low, poor credit scores. And there’s a reason for this. With a secured debt situation, a credit score doesn’t carry as much weight. What does carry a lot of weight in these cases is the real estate that’s required to back the loan. You can think of this real estate as being the secured deposit that is used to back a secured credit card debt. You don’t lose the real estate, but at the same time, you’re not entirely free to do anything with it, since it’s locked up with the lender, in the same way that you can’t do anything with a deposit. That’s how private mortgage money works.