Central Point, OR hard money lenders have been lending in the city of Central Point for years. Central Point is a part of the County of Jackson in the State of Oregon, and has a population of 19,000 people. Central Point has a population density of 4,100 people per square mile, and is just adjacent to the city of Medford.

Borrowers in this state aren’t exactly having an easy time about getting approved for a loan. The problem is that big banks in this state are simply refusing to lend the way they used to. This has resulted in a situation in which borrowers, even well qualified borrowers, are being turned down for a loan, left and right. But these folks do have options, and they should realize that there are alternatives to big banks, and even the credit union. There are Central Point, OR hard money lenders.

These lenders focus in on a niche of finance called Central Point hard money. Through hard money, borrowers, even borrowers with low credit scores, can get approved for a loan. These hard money lenders in Central Point are able to do this through security. In other words, these lenders will require that the borrower secure the debt before the debt is offered to them. The borrower will list properties that they own in their application, properties that they’re willing to put up as collateral to the debt. And then the lender will evaluate these properties for values that will have a direct impact on the size of these residential hard money loans that are offered to them.