Four Corners, OR hard money lenders have been in business throughout this state of Oregon for years. Four Corners is a city in the county of Marion, and is situated on the perimeter of the city of Salem. The city has a population of 14,000 Oregonians, and a population density of 5,100 Oregonians per square mile.

When you talk to borrowers out in Oregon, they’ll likely air a gripe or two about how hard it is to get a loan these days. It’s tough, no doubt about that, but borrowers do have options. Options that many are failing to see. There’s the option of Four Corners, OR hard money lenders for example. These lenders specialize in sort of distressed financial situations.

They’ll get a borrower with poor credit, for example, approved for a loan through what’s called a Four Corners hard money arrangement. These arrangements aren’t only ideal for folks that have poor credit, but borrowers that are also facing foreclosure on their home also stand to gain a lot from this sort of financial deal. But here’s the hitch to this, these hard money lenders in Four Corners will require the borrower to put up that distressed home up as collateral to the deal. The borrower will need to offer the lender some sort of security, and in this business, the only type of security they’ll accept is real estate. This is why these deals are called hard money, because hard money lenders craft these arrangement around the borrower’s property (a hard asset).