Franconia, VA hard money lenders are based in the city of Franconia. Franconia is a part of the county of Fairfax, which in turn is a part of the state of Virginia on the East Coast of the United States. Franconia has a population of roughly 33,000 people, and a population density of roughly 4,600 people per square mile (given an area of 8 square miles for Franconia). Franconia is located in the geographical center of the state of Virginia.

Franconia, VA hard money lenders focus on one thing, and one thing only, and that’s Franconia hard money. Through hard money, lenders are able to lend to borrowers that don’t have very good credit scores. In fact, they usually come to lenders with very checkered financials. And so, understandably, they’re frustrated. These borrowers are frustrated, largely because they can’t seem to get approved for debt and other types of loans through big banks.

Now, this is where hard money lenders in Franconia step in. See, these lenders are able to lend to borrowers with generally poor financials. And they’re able to do this through hard money. With hard money, there’s a requirement on borrowers to be able to put up real estate, so called hard assets, as a means of securing the debt and loan, in order to proceed with a lender of this sort. The lender will evaluate the real estate, and then in turn, will respond to the borrower with the size of loan and private mortgages that they’re willing to extend to the borrower.