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Green Valley, NV hard money lenders operate out of the county of Clark in the state of Nevada. Green Valley is actually community within the city of Henderson, which has a population of roughly 257,000 people. The community of Green Valley and the city of Henderson are situated along the southern tip of the state.

Green Valley, NV hard money lenders provide a critical service to the state of Nevada. In this state, borrowers of all types and scales are a critical piece to the economy, even borrowers with very poor credit records. And this cuts to what exactly these Green Valley hard money operations can do. These hard money lenders in Green Valley are able to lend to borrowers of distressed financial situations. And they’re able to do so by having the borrower secure the lending facilities upfront. This is similar to what secured credit card issuers do. Those card issuers have their borrowers secure their debts up front.

Same goes with hard lenders, only that the collateral requirement about this security calls for the borrower to put up real estate only; real estate is what’s referred to as hard assets (thus the term hard loans). So you put up the real estate, and then the lender runs an appraisal on that property, and in turn will present to you what he can do in terms of a loan. The loan will actually only be in the order of a fraction of what the property’s value is. Private hard money lenders do this to cushion themselves in the case of a default.


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