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Lake Las Vegas is a community in the city of Henderson, where a number of Lake Las Vegas, NV hard money lenders do business, and have been doing business for years and years. The city of Henderson itself has a population of over 250,000 people, and a population density of roughly 2,000 people per square mile.

Lake Las Vegas, NV hard money lenders are able to get borrowers that have very low credit scores approved for loans (for funds to be put toward the rebuilding of home and building, to be put toward consumer spending, etc.). But you might be wondering, how it is that these lenders are able to lend to borrowers, when it seems that nobody else can? Well, the trick to Lake Las Vegas hard money (if you can call it a trick) is security. You know what a security deposit is, right? You have to put down “security” when you check into hotels, sometimes. You have to put down security when you rent an apartment.

Well, the same goes for hard money. When you apply for any of these loans, these hard money lenders in Lake Las Vegas will require that you put down security, and the way that this happens is that you put up real estate (hard assets) as collateral. Then the lender will evaluate that collateral for its worth on a number of levels. One level, of course, is its market value (what it’s worth today), but on another level, these residential hard money lenders will be assessed and apply what’s called a quick sale price for the property, which will determine the size of loan that you’ll be issued.


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