Mount Vernon, VA hard money lenders operate throughout the county of Fairfax in the state of Virginia. The city of Mount Vernon is one that’s 30,000 residents strong, which translates over to a population density of roughly 3,900 people per square mile. The city itself is situated in teh southern region of the state.

Mount Vernon, VA hard money lenders do one thing very well in the state of Virgina, and that’s Mount Vernon hard money. Hard money is a form of loan that’s backed by real estate. A borrower finds himself in a distressed financial situation. He has a poor credit rating and credit score, so he can’t get financing or carry a new debt from a big bank, but needs financing in order to get himself out of the hole. So what happens is, hard money lenders in Mount Vernon are able to help here.

They’re able to help by working with the borrower to get the borrower the financing he needs in order to get out of the rut he’s found himself in. The lender bypasses the issue of the credit score by requiring the borrower to secure the debt up front. The borrower will only be able to put up real estate, so called hard assets, to back the loan. And when the borrower proposes the collateral to be used, the lender will evaluate that property, in order to come up with the size of the loan. The collateral must be presented before the commercial loan rates are.