Oak Grove, OR hard money lenders have been working through the state of Oregon for years. Oak Grove has a population of roughly 13,000 people, and a population density of 4,400 people per square mile. Oak Grove is a part of the Clackamas County

Throughout this state, you’re finding that borrowers are having an increasingly difficult time finding a lender that will approve them for a new loan. One reason for this is that most borrowers, in the past year alone, has seen their credit score drop precipitously. Fortunately for these borrowers, there are alternatives to the big banking system that most people are used to turning to for financing. There are what are called Oak Grove, OR hard money lenders.

These lenders focus in on a niche of banking that’s called Oak Grove hard money. This method of financing is popular in the real estate world, and for good reason. These hard money lenders in Oak Grove require real estate to be put up by the borrower as security and collateral to any new debt arrangement that’s offered and presented to the borrower, by the lender. The thing that you have to realize about this, is that the real estate is absolutely crucial to the deal. Now, the property can even be facing foreclosure, and the borrower can still get approved for a loan. As long as the title and deed are still in the borrower’s name, there will be commercial property loans that he can get approved for.