As one of the major cities in King County where Seattle is just about a 15 minute drive away, the Renton, WA hard money lenders play a very big role in the local economy. It is their services here along the south east shore of Lake Washington that have kept things going long after the Newcastle coal fields were not the big source of income and the dot com companies moved in. It is true that there are now more than 86,200 people in this area and that has made it the 5th largest city in King County as well as the 11th largest in the state of Washington today. This is a great size, but banks can not serve every lending need here so there needed to be solutions that could help the local people get what they needed in terms of money.

There are a lot of reasons that the banks are now much harder to work with and a big part of that is due to the credit crunch that struck the West Coast just as hard as it did the rest of the United States. This lead to a lot of restrictions in terms of what the banks would do and as a result, people started to seek out the sources of hard money Renton residents had known about for some time. This gave them better options and helped them to secure their own futures so that they could begin to make their lives more how they wanted them to be.

Since the Renton hard money lending experts are always around to help come up with a great solution that is going to work for locals, private mortgage lenders services are always trusted first.